The Corcovado Conspiracy



John Angell, a British ex-pat living in Brazil, is on his way to meet his daughter for the first time in five years. Rosa Vargas, President of a nation in an uncertain climate, is awaiting the arrival of her stepson, and the confidential information he was dispatched to uncover.

Unbeknownst to them both, one act of terrible violence will tear their worlds apart.

The ruthless search for answers and retribution will take John back to his birth country, where old faces reappear and new foes reposition themselves for a second attack.

On home shores, Angell will soon stumble upon the greatest conspiracy of the decade – one which threatens to blow apart an entire nation.


The Potomac Plot



Heading stateside for a series of lucrative lectures, Dr. Steven Wilson could scarcely believe his luck. Arriving at Logan Airport with cautious optimism, he and his wife Sarah disembarked from the plane. Only one would make it out of the lobby.

Alone and three thousand miles from home, Steven is dragged into a web of political intrigue, one which could shatter the most fragile of peace processes. The future of the world is in his unwitting hands, but his world has been taken hostage, and he will go to extreme lengths to get her back. Little does he know there is more than one life at stake.

The American dream would fast become a haunting nightmare.



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Corcovado Conspiracy

Potomac (final)

Who is Jack Carey?

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Jack Carey is the pseudonym of Robert Williams, a former Professor of Politics at the University of Durham. Having graduated with an MPhil in Politics from Nottingham University, Robert embarked on an academic career, first at York and later at Durham. His vast knowledge within the field of corruption has taken him around the globe during his long and distinguished career, taking up positions as a Visiting Professor in the US, Canada, Australia and China.

One of the world’s leading academics in his field, Robert has worked with a plethora of governments, organisations and international agencies to fight corruption, operating as an anti-corruption consultant on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as undertaking research in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Now retired, the corruption expert has delved into the realm of fiction, but the keen speaker also performs lectures on a wide range of topics, from historical conspiracies to modern day corruption.

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